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I think it’s undisputable. Prometheus was a mess of a movie, it made little to no sense and gave none of the fans anything they were expecting or craving. It seems as form of recompense Ridley Scott has made Alien Covenant the fan boy film we have all been waiting for, so I suppose the reel question is, in Space will we want to scream or cheer?

Alien: Covenant Cast Photo

Alien: Covenant Cast Photo

There is something altogether elegant and hypnotic about Alien: Covenant that was missing from Prometheus. It’s like in Covenant Scott knows the end goal, and knows where it’s all heading. With this knowledge comes his natural talent to direct a strong movie, and this works wholeheartedly in Covenant’s favour. Covenant is a film with drive and a purpose, it turns out sometimes that can make all the difference in the world.

The only drawback that Alien: Covenant has is that it’s a prequel and its own marketing campaign. Whenever we are introduced to a character we know it’s probably not going to end well, and more importantly, we all know that this movie can only conclude one way. The trailers all backed this theory and if I’m honest many of the twists, turns and thrills there removed due to the ad campaign that proceeded the film’s release.

Alien: Covenant

That’s not to say that the route that Ridley Scott opts to take isn’t an interesting one, it is. He produces some stunning visuals and in truth, a couple of truly deep questions. The old favourites are still there “why are we here?” “Where are we going?” “Where did we come from?” but at least in Covenant what were uncontainable screams has become quiet moans with the same words.

For the most part, Alien: Covenant is more a mystery than anything else, it feels like it takes the entire film to get to its ultimate location, than once it gets there Ridley Scott is already packing up to go home. He has no interest in the really, really deep questions, he just has a fascination with what makes us human. This is a dilemma that is written all over every available wall in Alien: Covenant, with not one but two Michael Fassbender, both replicates. One more like Bishop and one more like Ash.

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant has many things to enjoy inside it’s 2 hour run time, however, the special effects are not one of them. I’m not asking for the world, I just expect more from the man who almost invented special effects in Sci-Fi films. I wanted something more human, that human, and what I got was ropy CGI of an alien that I’ve seen done better more than 20 years previously. Maybe Ridley Scott has just become too ambitious.

Alien: Covenant

I feel that’s a good summary of the entire film as a whole, it’s a movie that is too ambitious for its own good, it wants to make us “owww” at the visuals, “ahh” at the story and “Humm” at the questions its poses. In reality, we end up going “hum” at the story, “oh” at the visuals and “urgh” at the questions.

Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant is a film that fits nicely into the Alien universe, it is no way the best nor the worst in the franchise, however, if it’s all the same to everyone else, I’d like Ridley Scott to stop now. Unless he is going to let David Fincher direct the next one.


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