‘Avengers: Infinity War’ (Spoiler Review)


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No One Lives Forever


Captain American dies. Thor dies. Tony Stark dies. Everyone and their intergalactic wives have had an opinion on who is going to bite the dust during Avengers Infinity War. This is what they have been building towards for a decade, so the reel question is with this being the biggest blockbuster of the decade, why kill off Loki so fast?

In case I didn’t make it clear in the opening paragraph this will be filled with spoilers. Starting with…

What the actual Fury was that ending? I’m going to put the rest of the film on the bench for a moment and speak just on the final movements of the feature. You would have put money on the fact that Spiderman and Black Panther would make it through to Part 2, but no. We quite literally watch our theories and with it, our arrogance disintegrates in front of us. Not a triumphant battle, but in the click of the fingers Thanos wipes out half the universe. Consider for a moment what we just witnessed….

Think about it…

I’ll wait….


Marvel finally did it. They killed off a lot of characters in one film. Maybe that’s why it hit us all so hard because no matter what we claim we never truly believed they would do it. It’s too bold. Too brave. Too financially suicidal. Marvel did it all the same. That finale, the one where we simply watch people disappear is as close to cinematic perfection as you can achieve.

The pacing matches this, is it more in keeping with The Winter Solider or Civil War than the first even second Avengers movie. Marvel have found a formula that works and they are sticking to it, and that formula is; make it more like a thriller than an action film. This is also reflected in the tone of the movie too, instead of the brash and engaging closing credits sequence are a used to we are presented with the daunting images of the cast’s names on a black background. We are given no hope or comfort. Just the statement that the film has finished.

This is a boldness rarely seen in superhero films ever before. As in the choice to humanise your protagonist villain, but that’s the point. This isn’t the Avengers story, it’s Thanos. This is his origins tale, because more than any other villain in history, he truly believes himself the hero with his actions.

Thanos is given truly the respect he deserves in Infinity War, within minutes he is established as the destroyer of worlds. In the opening sequences, he kills Loki, defeats the Hulk with ease and conquers Thor. Twice.

Thanos is shown to have deeper emotions than any villain before him, he is given emotions like grief, regret, guilt and most importantly love. He is in continual turmoil between his decisions, destiny, and will.

Aside from this, the film is perfectly balanced between the comical humour we expect and the gravitas the story demands. It never feels forced to see how each strand of the Marvel universe brings itself together and overall it’s just about the most fun you have in a 3 hour period.

Also, the Captain Marvel tease at the post-credit sequence made me scream, as did the Red Skull reprisal.

I could mention about the cast in my closing paragraph but in reality. It’s been 10 years, each has done at least two movies now. Everyone knows their role.

A film that will bend your Reality, take a long Time to comprehend, carries true Power, will make you need Space to get over, blows your Mind and will just about ripe your Soul out from within you. It’s perfect. (And yes I did just write all the Infinity Stones into my summary)

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