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Animated films used to be such a rarity, something to look forward to, to cherish. A gift. But now it seems that around once every 6 months there is a new release to be made and a dollar to be grabbed, and while there is nothing that Hollywood won’t exploit for its own gains, the fan boys must have died when they came up with the idea of a Batman and Harley Quinn feature. So the reel question is, will this be another Dark Knight or just a firing Suicide Squad?

I must admit, my apatite was moistened when I heard of this plan, to make a movie with both Batman and Harley Quinn I was excited, however what I found and what I expected it turns out were two totally different events, what I expected was a film on par with Assault on Arkham what I got was just an Assault on my intelligence. Words cannot explain how disappointed I am in this film.
I am aware that Warner Bother’s aren’t stupid. I know that they can see gold in the mines that read “Harley Quinn” above them and they are going to bury them out no matter what the collateral damage, whether it’s making a film that has no other features and betrays the very foundation of the character or to degrade her down to nothing more than a childish attempt at slapstick comedy, they don’t care, they are only thinking of the money.

Problem is, (And I don’t think I’m the only one thinking this) we are starting to get tired of being disappointed in Harley Quinn. Sooner or later we are going to give up caring about her at all as an audience.

No matter what you think about Batman, his feature in a movie always has something to say, it’s a commentary on the greater world, and each of the rouges fit into Batman himself, so, for example, Two-Face is a metaphor for the duality that Bruce Wayne has to face, to keep both of his alter ego’s satisfied. When it comes to Harley Quinn she is a metaphor for Batman’s relationship with Robin (no matter which one it is), so it’s curious to consider that Batman and Harley Quinn don’t feature Robin, they do have Nightwing who could have easily been removed from the proceedings and it wouldn’t have made any difference at all.

The plot is convoluted to the point where it loses all threads of logic, the fight scenes are weak and the humor is juvenile.  In fact, that’s what the entire film is “juvenile”, it would rather make poop jokes than or unneeded musical numbers than being consistent in the story.

I hope I’ve made myself clear that none of us should have to endure Batman And Harley Quinn, but just in case you had your doubts, it’s not even the real Harley Quinn. The voice is not that of Arleen Sorkin. It’s not even Tara Strong. No, this is left to Melissa Rauch, you know from Big Bang Theory? Yeah, it’s as insulting as it sounds.

The problem with Batman And Harley Quinn is that it lacks the confidence in its characters and an identity in its ideas. While the screen might look stunning, the whole thing is dead behind the eyes.

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