‘Blindsided’ Review (short film)


If you have not seen (no pun intended) this new martial arts, comedy, short film from director Clayton J. Barber, you should! Clayton, a martial arts expert/stuntman/actor who has worked on various films and tv shows and has doubled for Stephen Dorff in Blade. His current projects includes Marvel’s Black Panther in which he serves as fight coordinator.

The film stars Eric Jacobus (an actor and stunt performer who’s worked on films such as A Good Day to Die Hard), as Walter Cooke, a man who is blind who we first see baking himself an apple pie to enjoy with a glass of milk. Failing that he heads to the local corner store to buy more milk and apples. The store owner is played by action film veteran Roger Yuan, previously seen in Skyfall and Jason Bourne. It is only when local crooks try to shakedown the store-owner that we see Walter is not just a man with no sight, as there is more to him than meets the eye.

Blindsided is a great punchy, short film that manages to capture the fighting energy found in martial arts films such as Zatoichi, Blind Fury and Book of Eli. Jacobus pulls off playing a man who is blind, very convincingly yet moves gracefully in the film’s fight sequence showdown as he relies on his other four senses and the environment around him.

Blindsided is a great, enjoyable short film.


Our Rating

9 Punches Out Of 109

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