Chucky’s back in the new ‘Cult of Chucky’ trailer


The movie-world’s most demonic doll, Chucky, continues to terrorise the screens in the new instalment, Cult of Chucky. Continuing from Curse of Chucky, the iconic, serial killer doll continues to track down Nica Pierce (played by Fiona Dourif), last seen being the only surviving member of the Pierce family in Curse of Chucky, who is now confined in an asylum for the criminally insane. Convinced that she, not Chucky (voiced again by actor Brad Dourif who also happens to be Fiona Dourif’s father), murdered her own family four years ago, Nica, receives a Good Guy Doll to help with her therapy. At this point Nica also believes that Chucky was only a figment of her imagination allowing Chucky to take advantage of this.

Returning to the franchise for the original first two parts, Child’s Play 1 & 2, is Andy Barclay (played again by Alex Vincent), who was last seen in the post credits scene in Curse of Chucky. Jennifer Tilly also returns as Tiffany, Chucky’s serial killer-partner in crime.

The trailer looks even more twisted than the previous Curse of Chucky. Included are scenes that only could feature in a Chucky film including Nica being overly-motherly to Chucky,

Cult of Chucky is written and directed by the Don Mancini, who is the Child’s Play franchise creator and sole writer to date.

Cult of Chucky


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