Deadpool Director goes Super Sonic!


Tim Miller had great success with the Deadpool movie and it was a big hit. It was reported last week that he would be leaving the Deadpool sequel due to creative differences between himself and Ryan Reynolds. It is now being reported that Miler and his longtime partner Jeff Fowler of Blur Studio will be developing a movie adaptation of the iconic video game character Sonic The Hedgehog for Sony Pictures.

The idea is that the movie will be a hybrid CG-animated / live action family fim! It looks like Jeff Fowler would be making his directorial debut and Miller will act as executive producer.

Sonic The Hedgehog is a video game franchise created and produced by Sega. The main character of the series is a blue hedgehog named Sonic, whose peaceful life is often interrupted by the series’ main villain, Doctor Eggman. Typically, Sonic—usually along with some of his friends, such as Tails, Amy, and Knuckles—must stop Eggman and foil any plans of world domination. The first game in the series, released in 1991, was conceived by Sega’s Sonic Team division after Sega requested a mascot character; the title was a success and spawned sequels, and transformed Sega into a leading video game company during the 16-bit era in the early to mid-1990s.

Sony Pictures and Marza Animation Planet, a CG animation film production company of the SEGA SAMMY Group, will be the production titles behind the movie.

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