‘Despicable Me 3’ (DVD / Blu-Ray) Review


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2 Minions out of 102

Man alive! People love Minion’s, like I mean they have their own movie people love them that much, and it was successful! People love them THAT much! So it should be a surprise to no one that here is yet another Despicable Me movie this time with a villain who is obsessed with the 80’s! Hooray! So will this animated comedy be a Soft Cell or just well… Bad! (Sorry)

Despicable Me 3 has a little bit of everything, it’s got the reminder that a family doesn’t have to be by blood, you can grow up to be anyone you want to be, don’t let the man hold you down and all the other painting by number’s morals you could care to list for a children family films, and maybe this is where my problems start, there is no focus point, we have a little bit of the minion’s, we have a little bit of Gru, a little of the kids, a little of Lucy a little of Dru and the film feels just a little bit full of many different aspects and no real driving narrative apart from Gru wants to stop the bad guy, which is sort of a given by now right?

I will say that the highlight for me was Balthazar Brat, his continual 80’s references and musical taste amused me. But that’s all I was, amused… maybe bemused once, but I did not laugh, it simple smiled, it doesn’t count I checked. There is nothing wrong with a safe family film that has no real message or compass, but there is something wrong if that’s the entire basis for your franchise that you are now 4 movies deep into because in reality, these aren’t ending, like the Fast And The Furious movies they will just keep going and going and going.

Everything that I can think to speak about Despicable Me comes with the opening words of “If you ignore Disney/Pixar” because no matter what I highlight Pixar did it better previously, there is nothing in Despicable Me 3 that could even approach the genius of Wreck-It Ralph or Inside Out, hell even Shrek beats this hands down.

I’m sure if you are the right age group the minions are the single greatest invention ever, they speak in gibberish and beat each other up without a single consequence but for some reason, in this movie, they decide to revolt and leave Gru, then go to prison, then go back to Gru. I don’t know if they fully grasp the meaning of the term “minion” if that is their storyline.

Gru’s story, on the other hand, is much more straightforward, he tries to stop a terrorist (I use that term loosely), he protects the target but the villain escapes and so he is fired, later he finds he has a brother who wants to go on heists with him. It’s surreal movie now I’ve written it out.

Despicable Me 3 is annoying as it is iconic, while I have no problem with the franchise as a whole I feel it’s gone way off its original topic.

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