First trailer for ‘Annihilation’ arrives


After the hugely impressive ‘Ex Machina‘, a lot of us wondered what writer/director Alex Garland would do next. And now we have our answer, in the shape of the first trailer for ‘Annihilation‘…

Based on the bestselling novel by Jeff VanderMeer, which is the first of a trilogy, and adapted by Garland himself, this genre mash-up (sci-fi, horror, eco-thriller, to name three) is top-lined by Natalie Portman as a scientist who joins a dangerous expedition into an area where the standard laws of physics don’t seem to apply.

As this is little more than a teaser it’s difficult to glean too much plot information, beyond the fact that this area appears to be seriously twisted. We do, however, get glimpses of some stunning visuals, as well as a strong supporting cast, so things look very promising. We’ll find out for definite on the 23rd February next year.

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