‘Fist 2 Fist 2: Weapon Of Choice’ Review


When it comes to martial arts action films, do you ever find yourself wanting a break from all the big budget, over-hyped films that fail to deliver? The ones that where the fight scenes look so fancy that they come across unrealistic.

Fist 2 Fist: Weapon of Choice” is the follow up to 2011’s “Fist 2 Fist“. Co-directed by, written, produced and starring real life martial arts Master Jino Kang (the son of Hapkido Grand Master, Myung S. Kang,).

An action thriller that does not hold back.

The film kicks off with assassin Jack Lee (Kang) on an assignment to wipe out a bunch mobsters in a restaurant. In this scene we see Jack using a variety of weapons and Mixed Martial Arts moves including arm-locks, guns, knives, kicks and throws. All these moves are demonstrated in a in a natural way. No flying in mid-air on wires or exaggerated acrobatics here.

Six years later we see Jack is now retired and living with his intelligent and confident teenage niece Jaime (Kelly Lou Dennis) who is also a multiple black-belt. The two are shown having typical, uncle and niece bond as the they banter about dinner. Until suddenly their home is invaded and Jamie is kidnapped. Leaving Jack to get back to his old habits and use his set of skills to take on the criminal underworld and find rescue Jamie.

Despite being a hostage, Jamie, a headstrong character, gets to to warn her kidnappers that if they hurt or kill her, her Uncle Hack will will make sure they live long enough to see their own hearts ripped out from their chests.

While tracking down those that took his daughter, Jack also becomes the hunted and teams up with cop Jordan (Katherine Celio) which leads towards the intense finale showdown with Jack taking out the bad guys in a variety of martial art fight scenes and assisted by both Jamie and Jordan.

As a Martial Arts indie-action film, Weapon of choice is very enjoyable and the end fight scenes are great as Jino gets to display even more skills and various choke-holds leading to a nicely-crafted sword fight.” Fist 2 Fist: 2 Weapon of Choice” is certainly a film for the the martial arts audience to enjoy and identify the realistic manoeuvres that you do not normally see in films.

Fist 2 Fist 2: Weapon Of Choice” will be premiering on Channel Fight this summer.


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