‘Fist Fight’ (DVD of Week) Review


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Fist Fight is a new “comedy” set on the premise of two high school teachers that are pitted against one another. One the mild mannered nice guy, the other a hot headed history teacher. I suppose the real question is… Who even cares?

I can’t understand it, how does Charlie Day keep getting work? Did people not see Horrible Bosses 2? And haven’t we already seen this? The teacher who fights for a reason in Here Comes The Boom? Who is this movie aimed at, and why are they never bold enough to play the race card? Even 21 Jump Street played that.

Fist Fight is like a who’s who of who we should be shocked are still making movies, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan, Ice Cube, Jillian Bell the list goes on and on. What’s more bizarre is sandwiched between these sad acts are credible actors like Dean Harris and Christina Hendricks. It’s like having Patrick Stewart in The Emoji Movie. Maybe that’s a bad example.

The point is that Fist Fight has nothing going in its favour, ever. What upsets me is that at times it shows touches of brilliance, like when the fight is about to finally start a band plays the Rocky theme. That’s a clever joke. Problem is the rest of the movie is bilge. It is either taking itself far too seriously or being crude, there is no happy medium for Fist Fight.

The entire thing somehow seems to be commentary on the state of the education system in America; I mean I think that’s what it was trying to say. The only reason Ice Cube and Charlie Day start out to fight is because Ice Cube can’t work a VCR and the school won’t get him a DVD player (no, seriously, that’s the plot). Then several times throughout the narrative we go back to the idea that perhaps we should invest more in the education system. As if anyone is going to see Fist Fight to ultimately help with democracy. Here is a fun fact for you, if you make a comedy any subject you want to voice an opinion on will become void. You can’t laugh while making a political point. Unless you are Barack Obama.

There are many scenes in the film which fall flat of funny, however the epiphany of this is when Charlie Day performs in a talent show with his 10 year old daughter sings Big Sean’s I Don’t F**k With You, how on any level can we find this acceptable? Rarely has a film ever had to stoop so low that a child has to sing profanities to get the laughs. Disgraceful.

Looking back at Fist Fight I can’t even comprehend why we should like Charlie Day’s character in the first place, he is a weakling and a push over, and would you believe it throughout the entire film all he has to do is stand up for himself, but he won’t. This kind of writing is both lazy and boring, I’m not expecting Shakespeare but at least something coherent?

Tracy Morgan plays a coach who wants to sleep with all the students’ mums, Ice Cube plays an angry teacher and Jillian Bell plays a counsellor who wants to sleep with all the students. Then there’s Christina Hendricks whom plays an outright psychopath. No character is funny. Fist Fight is a textbook example of what happens when you make all the wrong choices for your movie. Lights out. Game over man, Game over!

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