Game of Thrones 7:2 Stormborn Review


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Eye of the storm

Another week, another tour around the Kingdoms.

No pre-credit scene this week, which is good. We’d be spoilt if we had one all the time. Speaking of spoils… Spoilers beyond this point, duhh!

With Daenarys having ammassed quite the new following over the last few seasons. It stands to reason that slowly, one by one she would query to their loyalty. Varys is no exception to the rule. But of course, we all know that the spider has his way with words especially where royalty is concerned and the mother of dragons is soon soothed from her worries. Which is good as new worries are bubbling to the surface regarding the ‘’King in the North’Jon Snow of whom of course Daenarys’ new visitor Melisandre can only speak highly. Dany of course has some deeply buried respect for the red priesthood. So she listens and decides it may be time for meeting the infamous Jon Snow and sends a raven.

Our visit to Dragonstone brings us more than just the mother of dragons and her strategic gameplans. Missandei and Greyworm share a touching and quite rudely intimate night together as a goodbye before Greyworms departure. The two young lovers, not knowing when they will cross paths again, or if ever finally admit their feelings to one another and embark on a sexual journey that leaves many of us with questions I’m sure.

Jon Snow receives a raven from Tyrion requesting a meeting between him and Daenarys. Though Sansa objects and tells Jon not to go. The King in the North has other plans and overrules. Leaving his darling sister in charge. What will happen, considering Littlefinger is still around, will remain to be seen. But by the glimpse in Petyr Baelish’s eyes it will be devious and schemeful.

For Arya it is an episode of meaningful encounters. Firstly with her Direwolf Nymeria. Yet Arya is not so sure it was Nymeria after all as the Direwolf walks away. However, we have learnt now that Direwolves are all extinct bar the ones Ned Stark found that faithful day and of course no Direwolf has ever shown up without meaning. Her other encounter is with Hot Pie who brings her more than just her supper. Informing her of her brothers victory at Battle of the Bastards and taking his place as King in the North at Winterfell, he is quickly left by Arya as she rushes off. Of course not before telling her that she is pretty. Could love be on the cards for the most bad-ass of the stark girls?

Cersei and her Mad Scientist are still scheming as always. This time on how to do away with The mother of Dragons and her not so small – fire breathing babies. Now whilst I was holding out hope for fighting fire with wildfire it appears superweapons is the way we are going. Cersei testing out this weapons has rings of familiarity to Joffrey and that blasted crossbow.

Our journey also takes us to the Citadel. Where we find Sam still being ignored by the maesters for his request to learn more or just read more books. He is however allowed to watch Jorah Mormonts doctors appointment, where he is basically told there is nothing they can do and Mormont may have 1 more night at the Citadel before he must leave. Sam decides to take matters into his own hands that night and begins his attempt at what he believes with cure Jorah.

We find Yara and Theon on their fleet of ships doing what all sailors and soldiers do at sea. Drinking, flirting and fucking. Most of which is done by Yara and Ellaria. That is until Euron ambushes them all taking out 2 of the Sand Snakes- Nym and Obara in a magically gruesome fashion. Euron has found his gift for Cersei in Ellaria. A gift I’m sure Cersei will appreciate given the fact she is who murdered her daughter. Euron does not stop there and also captures his niece Yara, causing Theon to take the cowards way out jumping into the water and I am sure only Reek will be emerging.

Things are on their way to epic encounters, punishments, reunions and battles. What seemed to be a filler episode ended with a great splash. Now we must ask ourselves just quite how Euron knew where to find his darling niece and nephew. The final scene not only exploded with action but was masterfully choreographed and shot.


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