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After watching the new trailer for Ghost in The Shell I am not Laughing.Man! I am very impressed!

21 years after the original iconic anime action marvel that is Ghost in The Shell was released by Studio Ghibli, Paramount will release the live action version in March 2017. As a fan of original I was eager to see if they were able to capture the essence of the movie and I can comfortably say that they have hit the nail on the head!

A master stroke intentionally aimed at pleasing fans, the trailer focuses on the main protagonist, the Major (name to be confirmed – Japanese or not Japanese) and features many scenes from the anime, notably the roof top drop, the coating of Major’s floating body shattering, Batou with those eyes and let’s not forget the water fight scene! The Predator would indeed be proud of her cloaking ability no doubt!

For a movie that got a lot of ‘stick’ for its casting (affectionate terms such as ‘whitewashing’ having been bandied about), it looks like this is set to be an amazing adaptation and I am looking forward to see what the Major and the rest of Section 9 are up against and just how deeply we ‘dive’ into that world!


Ghost in the Shell Poster

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