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It’s not a hard case to make that Guardians Of The Galaxy was one of the greatest Marvel films to date, it was most definitely it’s most unexpected. By all rights it should have never been successful, it had Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel voicing an animated racoon and a talking tree, it was on a franchise that no one had ever heard of and it had Dave Batista in, all roads pointed to failure for Guardians. Needless to say it surprised everyone and one of the biggest hits of that year, but that was 3 long years ago and the entire shape of the marvel universe has dramatically changed, so the real question is what can this bunch of A-holes offer us?

In essence that’s in fact is the perfect summary of many of Vol 2’s short comings, it’s not the original. When the first movie came out, there were no expectations and it blew everyone away. Now we want something more, we want to see new adventures or developments. In that respect Vol 2 delivers on the goods, however in others it’s surprisingly lacking. The entire film feels like a middle child, lacking proper time and affection and when it does get it, compensating far too much.

There are moments in Vol 2 which are truly incredible, however it all gets quickly lost inside the films own second string villains and family problems. The entire plot revolves around family, which personally I never felt  was needed in Guardians, I think of Batman’s family as family, I don’t think of the Avengers or the Guardians as such. They are a team of outcasts who band together to create success, no matter what the odds, they are friends.

Don’t get me wrong the stuff with Peter and his dad I have nothing but respect and enjoyment for, the evolution of the character and their relationship works. I feel like Gamora’s entire sub plot feels more like an afterthought, we had so much build up in the first installment of this relationship between Gamora and her sister I can’t help but feel it would have been better suited for Vol 3.

That’s always going to be the problem with Guardians Of The Galaxy, someone is going to get benched, in 1 it was unfortunately the villains, in Vol 2 once again it’s some villains but also Drax is given little to do and even Rocket takes a back seat for much of the film time. However there is more time for Yandu and he is awesome so I don’t really care.

I don’t need to tell you that each of the cast members excel in their given roles, however the new editions are a mixed bag. While Kurt Russell plays the part of Ego with grace and subtle gestures, Sylvester Stallone plays his cameo like a bag or rocks being tossed around a playground.

Try to imagine Guardians Of The Galaxy as a breakout album of your favourite band, then imagine Vol 2 as their chart topping second album. It feels like it was cooked up in a lab to try and make what worked the first time work again, but in the end just makes it all feel a little bit… cheap.

I should mention the music somewhere. In Vol 1, the concept of the music and what it stood for was integral to the plot and story, complete with the final reveal of what really was in THAT box. In Vol 2 they make the music into a gimmick, with characters speaking and quoting what Peter is listening too. This brings far too much attention to something that made the first film clever and makes the second movie look lazy.

Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 2, comes so close to being stronger than its predecessor but in truth can never surpass the perfection that went before it.

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