‘Justice League’ Review


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4 Sad Aflecks out of 104

A film lacking Green

Personally I would hate to work at the DC arm of Warner Brothers, it’s a section of the company that never seems to succeed, even when Wonder Woman was a hit it was received with “but Justice League won’t be as good”, this is a company that is forever playing catch up with Marvel and it all too often feels like it. Surreal to think that it wasn’t so long ago that the only thing Marvel had on the table was Spiderman 3 and X-Men Origins, all while DC had brought out The Dark Knight. So the reel question is will this latest attempt at a DC universe work or be just another Green Lantern?

I know it’s a strange way to start but Justice League could have done with a few more characters and at the same timeless. It somehow feels overpopulated by names like Batman while feeling totally void of any real depth to them. Just imagine for a moment how much people would have lost their minds if Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern turned up. That’s one of the major downfalls of Justice League and DC films as a whole, they expect the audience to both know the characters intimately whilst allowing the movie to break whatever rules it chooses.
I still can’t forgive them for letting Batman Kill people.

While we are on the subject of characters, the entire film feels like it’s just a tour of the DC potential universe, we are given a little bit of time almost everywhere, which introduces a plateau of names all of whom aren’t needed. I really like J.K. Simmons, I think him an outstanding actor, but did we really need the scene with him as Commissioner Gordon?

This is the other problem with Justice League it continually feels like it’s pulling dead weight, with storylines that don’t matter and characters you don’t need. Many other main characters suffer because of this, unfortunately, the person who gets the brunt of it is Stephanwolff, the film’s villain.
If you are going to give us a character that is supposed to go against the entire Justice League they have to be super over powered, they need to be a credible threat to everyone both singularly and as a collective. At no point did I believe that Stephanwolff could have even been close to winning the end game. At least with Rohnan The Destroyer, he did just that, destroyed some worlds. Stephanwolf seems to be at best a mild incontinence for the League.

If you are going to have a weak villain, make the League their own biggest threat, if you consider it that was The Avengers theory, and it works better for Justice League, Bruce Wayne is forever paranoid. He trusts no one, yet in Justice League, he tells anyone he can find that he is Batman and allows them into his most inner sanctum. It all goes strongly against everything we know about Batman.

Despite all of this there are still some truly incredible moments in Justice League, fractions of scenes that once again tease us for what might have been possible.

Justice League isn’t a bad movie but it just can’t survive in a world where we have such a wide variety of alternative products, if this had come out 10 years ago it would be the single greatest movie ever made.

In the end, it all feels like a bit of a waste of time, we are going through the motions and still waiting for the one that redefines the genre. I know you have it in you Warner Brothers, I still believe in Batman.


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