‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ (Blu-Ray/DVD) Review


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2015 was a long time ago in film, the entire industry has changed in just 2 short years, we are living the year of sequels and shortly we will see the release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle. I sat down to watch the original a second time and give it a look at how it’s aged over time.

Kingsman was movie that was only a matter of time before it came to our screens, a true hybrid of spy and comedy, not a spoof but a spy comedy, Kingsman is unique even inside its own genre, so I suppose the reel question is will this make the Skyfall or just be a quantum of nonsense?

Say what you like about Matthew Vaughn the man knows his comics. He has made 3 films that started as graphic novels first. Kingsman is one of them. What Vaughn has a talent for is basing his movies off of comics and bringing to the surface deeper issues and thought locked within them. Kingsman is a film that comments on how we are becoming obsessed with the latest gadgets, and how they could affect us on a deeper level.

Kingsman still stands out a film that isn’t afraid to mock the food it doth eat, it successfully truly embraces its British heritage, while putting a fresh and new spin at every opportunity. As much as it remembers the past, Kingsman tries to move away from it, this is for the new school.

There are so many examples of this in the film itself, however, it might be best summarized by the opening sequences. In true brit spy fashion, there is a pile of courses and not a single drop of whiskey is split in the process.

When you have a film with such penitential you must pick your villain carefully. To match the tone of the movie Valentine is somehow a perfect blend of insane, perfectly plausible and totally preposterous; the man wants to take over the world via mind control but can’t stand the sight of blood. Looking at him now 2 years later, you can see what a distinctive character Valentine really was.

Kingsman isn’t willing to pull its punches, whether we are watching an unbelievable massacre in a church or a parachute jump with a problem, Vaughn wants us to enjoy the ride. It’s impossible not to subsume to the charm and charisma that Kingsman shows, it even has a little dog to look at.

Looking at Kingsman now just days before I watch the sequel I can say that with confidence it’s still one of the best spy films to come out in the last decade. Not spy comedy mind you. Spy film. Even if it does end with THAT joke.

Kingsman is a film firmly placed in two camps. One is the spy genre, and one the comedy one, and both propel the film to be preposterous in extreme ways. Here’s the rub, we don’t care. Kingsman is clever, funny, thrilling and exceptional in every way that matters.

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