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Wolverine. There is something about that name which is all together iconic. It could be Hugh Jackman’s now decade long performance of the character, but personally I think it’s something far deeper. Wolverine is a reflection of our own primal instincts, he is what happens when it’s nature versus nurture.  For almost his entire career Wolverine has raged against whomever is in front of him, constantly trying to overthrow the current regime.

In Logan we find a broken man, he isn’t just old but decrepit, diseased, and tired. From the very first shot we know that Logan is going to be a different kind of Marvel film than we are used to. Logan is a much more streamlined and controlled glimpse into the Marvel universe, where most films need big set pieces or dramatic plot twists to make their film engaging, Logan achieves it with nothing more than pure character development.

Logan is more a meditation on the heart of humans, and where we as a species are ultimately going than a superhero film. In fact it’s not a superhero film at all. A western? Yes.  A drama about a people who are hunted by their past? Yes. A war film? Yes. A hero movie? Yes. But there is nothing super about the broken soul that is thrown in front of us for the duration of Logan.

I do have a handful of problems with Logan, but none of them overshadowed my enjoyment for the feature. Logan has far too many interesting ideas, breathe taking sequences and bold character choices to let something as trivial as too much bad language stop it.

I know that Logan will lose a lot of the audience, at times it feels drawn out, overplayed and without justification, but it’s a perfect counterpart of the western films that it so obviously has taken inspiration from. Remember the last film was called The Wolverine, which was a movie about the animal and how he chooses to be the monster that he so frequently despises. This is called Logan because it’s about how even a monster can still choose to be a man.

DF-18976 – Hugh Jackman stars as Logan/Wolverine in LOGAN. Photo Credit: Ben Rothstein.

It would be an understatement to say that Hugh Jackman portrays Logan well. He embodies everything that Logan is. He is Logan, while we have hope that someone like James MCavoy can take over the reigns of Professor X, no one can replace Hugh Jackman.

Meanwhile, Patrick Stewart brings all the power and intelligence that a classical thespian actor would to his role, pairing him against Richard E. Grant is a stroke of genius.  Stephen Merchant supports well as a desperate mutant trying not to die or betray his friends and Boyd Holbrook is calm in his approach to being a unmerciful bounty hunter. However it is Dafne Keen who really steals the show.

We are shown in Logan something we have all secretly desired to see often in superhero pictures. We see what happens when the whole world goes to hell, and how people survive after it.

Logan is a far more mature Marvel film than we have ever seen before, in Logan Fox rolled the dice and it pays off.

Our Rating

8 Adamantium Claws out of 108

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