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A Cure For Sanity…

Darren Aronofsky. There is a man without fear. He doesn’t care if you like, understand or even care for his movies. Darren wants to create art! And in his defense he frequently does, it’s undeniable that both The Black Swan or Requiem For A Dream are anything short of living works of art. But the reel question is will his latest drama come horror Mother! Be his crowning Mona Lisa or more Mona Lisa Smiles?

You have to admire a man like Darren Aronofsky, he is a true artist of film. His body or work speaks for itself, he is a man who is confident enough to take us on a journey and frequently if you are willing to trust in him, you will be rewarded. Sometimes, however, you are left feeling lost and annoyed that you wasted your time on such utter drivel. If I’m honest, Mother! Is a bit of both, it’s clear to see that Mother! Has much deeper meanings that are presented and that the symbolism is on every wall, however ultimately it all runs just a little too flat.

Despite being sold as a drama/horror Mother! Is neither dramatic nor scary, it has flurries of intensity and long sequences which contain just a frenzy of information. There is a point in the film where the house becomes a literal war zone. This sequence stands tall as a metaphor for the film, it is bold and brilliant but almost too much for us to process on screen. Aronofsky has once again dragged us all to see his own personal madness explored in film. Mother! Feels like Aronofsky wanted to make a movie about the entire history of the earth and thought he would use a couple and a house as a metaphor, in the space of 2 hours.

There is so much that could be taken away from Mother! That I feel it’s too hard to work out what the director actually wanted us to take from it. Whereas Del Toro or Nolan would give us questions to ponder on as we left the cinema, Aronofsky wants us to ponder our very existence when we leave his, he doesn’t want us to have all the answers, not even half of them, in fact, it seems like he kind forgets the questions halfway through this movie as well.

Left to right: Javier Bardem and Jennifer Lawrence in mother!, from Paramount Pictures and Protozoa Pictures.

While the cast are outstanding in name value and talents, they all play a secondary role to the story and the insanity that is the film, Jennifer Lawrence is strong is the lead role, while Javier Bardem is compelling as always.

The problem is the more I think on Mother! (even while writing this review) The more I’m trying to work out the plot, I feel like I’ve got it figured out. If what I think is true, it is a masterpiece.

Mother! Is a film that defies any kind of classification or genre, it is beautiful to look at ad quite, quite mad.

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