Netflix ‘s ‘The OA’ Trailer


Here is the Trailer for the Netflix’s new series called “The OA” which begins this Friday. This show looks very mysterious and stars one of my favorite actresses Brit Marling. (If you haven’t seen Another Earth I suggests you watch it!). The series centers on Prairie Johnson (Brit Marlong’s character), a woman who resurfaces after having been missing for seven years. Blind when she disappeared, she now has her eyesight restored.

The official Instagram account offers more cryptic clues where each photo is part of a larger image, while one in particular features the message, “This is a dream, but you’re wide awake.” We predict this show will be another hit and “must watch show” for Netflix who have been on the money with their recent original shows and creating the “water cooler”conversations that we have all wanted to be a part of.

Netflix has been keen on increasing its among of original content, and releasing films and TV series, like The OA, and becoming the most dominant digital streaming service.

We let you know our thoughts on this show on Friday or after we have binged watched all the episodes at the weekend.


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