New trailer for Jackie Chan’s next new film ‘Bleeding Steel’


Just as the latest Jackie Chan thriller, The Foreigner, is about to go on general release, his next action-packed film, Bleeding Steel, now has a new trailer and a series of posters which can be seen above.

Chan, showing no signs of slowing down, plays a special forces agent out to protect young woman from a sinister organisation. The supporting cast includes Tess Haubrich, last seen in Alien: Covenant, who gets to have a breathtaking fight scene with Jackie on top of the Sydney Opera House. Bleeding Steel also stars Callan Mulvey, who first shot to fame playing Drazic in Australian teen drama Heartbreak High and has more recently appeared in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.

New poster for Bleeding Steel.

It is fair to say that Chan is one of the hardest working action stars around and Bleeding Steel, the first Chinese Sci-Fi film to be shot in Australia, looks to see Chan still continuing to make an impact.

Erica Kia-Hou character poster

Show Lo character poster

Nana Ouyang character poster

Callan Mulvey character poster

Tess Haubrich character poster

Me with Tess Haubrich while she was in London promoting Alien: Covenant.

Press Conference poster

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