‘Power Rangers’ (DVD of Week) Review


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I’ll just come right out and say it… I never cared for Power Rangers when I was young. I think it’s because I liked watching wrestling, the entire premise just seemed to fake to me. Irony is something that was not lost on me even as a child. So as a mark of respect to Kenan and Kell, I’m going to try and force in as many WWE dated references as possible to this review, so with that in mind… The real question is, Can you smell what Zordon is cookin’?

Pop quiz! Who remembers Power Rangers the TV show? That right 30 something’s! And did we really think this film was going to be for you?! Really? Really! This is the people’s movie! Power Rangers doesn’t care about your Tamagotchi or your calculator watches! No! it wants to be down with the kids, it wants to be 2 Cool, it wants to be cutting edge with all the gritty reality of a Saturday morning TV show and the special effects of the biggest blockbuster, and that’s just what we get.

Sure, the entire concept is ridiculous. A space man buries a gem into the planet hiding it from (the most evil woman in the universe) Rita, before both die. However, refusing to rest in peace, Zordon and Rita both awaken in present day, where she will try to extract the gem and create a New World Order. If you can get past the campness and the stupid storyline then Power Rangers might just surprise you.

It’s the investment and depth of characters which really surprised me about Power Rangers. Each of the 5 bring something different to the team, when I say different I mean “problem”. We have Billy who is an autistic and lost his father, Jason the all star quarterback whom throws it all away and Zach with a sickly mother, and it goes on and on. Surprisingly, far from getting on my nerves this split works in the films favour, it’s true. It’s true.

The film wants you to understand that these are not perfect people and that when we share our problems they become less, we become stronger. That’s the message of the film, that you are never alone, and if you ain’t down with that Power Rangers has two words for you!

In fact Power Rangers has so many messages for its audience that it can barely get them out before moving onto the next one. Stay in school, speak about your problems, believe in each other, and believe in yourself. The odd thing is that none of these come across in a patronising tone, they are all woven into the story.

I agree that the pacing is misjudged with sporadic confrontations with Rita that never amount to anything, and then one battle at its finale, and while I like the idea of the Zord’s I can’t understand how each person can only control on part of the Zord, I mean how much must is suck to be controlling the left leg?

Sure it’s camp. Sure it’s silly, but Power Rangers seems to have true heart and that goes a long way with me, and that’s the bottom line!

Our Rating

8 Stone Cold Stunners out of 108

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