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Rampage is a game which is just on the outskirts of my memory, I was never old enough to properly enjoy the idea of giant beasts levelling whole cities and somehow being the heroes. If you were worried the movie would lose that central plot line, rest easy. I’ve just summarised the entire plot in that one sentence. But I suppose the reel question is should this monster action blockbuster be a King to Kong or another God (awful) Zilla!

Surreal. That’s how I would summarise Rampage in a single word. Surreal. I cannot understand the logic of why anyone would make this particular movie. Surely the phrase “Monsters fight and destroy cities” is so compelling to producers they just open up their wallets involuntarily now? My second thought is, who chose Dwayne Johnson to star in the film? He is a surreal pick. In fact, he is a great place to start.

Davis Okoye is a strange man. He is primatologist and the head of an anti-poaching society. He has also taught a gorilla to sign… and swear in sign language. To do this job he needs to be built like he is carved out of pure granite. Don’t worry he is also a master of hand to hand combat and ranged weapons as he was in the army for something which is never actually explained? He just has a lot of items redacted. This is the tone of the film, no logic just big dumb fun.

If you enter expecting that and only that you’ll have a great time with Rampage. While the film wastes a lot of time building towards its spats of CGI brawls but when the final showdown arrives it all somehow feels worth it.
One of Rampage’s faults is that it tries to justify itself and give us emotional investments. These are two things no one watching Rampage is looking for. This isn’t Schindler’s List, but it’s not Transformers either. Rampage is somewhere in between, I would slot it just below Real Steel on a scale of enjoyment with massive CGI characters scale. For the most part, the CGI is quite impressive, with many interactions between each other and real actors looking both fluent and convincing.

While watching Rampage I couldn’t help but consider what was the real message of the movie? What was it trying to convey to me? What were the deeper hidden meanings? In the end, I could think of one. This is a film that wears its motives on its sleeves.

I do have one objection to Rampage. People get eaten on screen, we watch human beings be eaten by larger animals, and we see it frequently within the confines of the movie. This might be me being an old stickler but personally, I don’t believe that is acceptable in a 12A.

For the most part Rampage works, it has flutters of action, however, waste a lot of time trying to create a CGI heart when it’s just not needed. It is what it should be BIG DUMB FUN.

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