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Oh the hilarity of talking food that is overly sexual in it’s terminology! Oh the innuendo! Oh the comedy gold of food taking drugs! How funny is that? If you truly think that’s funny, stop reading my review, in fact I’m insulted you have found it. For everyone else, Seth Rogen has been allowed to make another train crash of a film, that will, 100%, make fan boys come out and almost give their lives to defend it. Perhaps I just don’t get it, but tripping Bath Salts and then piling on a lot of stereotyping just isn’t my idea of a comedy. Even Family Guy is above that.

I don’t know who green lights Seth Rogen’s films but they have to stop. Immediately. His films aren’t big and they aren’t clever, no matter how many of his Hollywood friends slap him on the back and exclaim what a good idea it is to make the mayonnaise Nazi fanatics exclaim they will exterminate all the juice. This is the level of humour we are talking in Sausage Party, stuff a playground child would struggle to laugh at.

A failed comedy is one thing, but there is something altogether nastier in the feeling of Sausage Party, it seems as if it begins by attacking religions, and then it seems to be stoners, and then it just seems to be war on humanity. If I’m honest I don’t really get it.

The plot itself makes no sense,  the jokes are at best debase and immature and at worst down right offensive, I don’t feel like I’m making myself clear enough so I’ll take an example directly from the film. Brace yourself. There is a character in the film called Douche, he is both a Douche in the sense that he is a bathroom product you can purchase and also as in the term “to be a Douche”, this is the level of maturity the film has. That’s the real problem with Sausage Party isn’t that it’s not funny or even that it’s offensive to pretty much everyone, it’s that for a couple of hours it drags everyone down to Seth Rogan’s level.

Here is a film that actually praises the use of Bath Salts (As when a character drops them and starts to trip he sees the “real” world that is inhabited by talking food), it actually praises it. Consider that for a moment. Here is a drug that was so dangerous that is was making humans cannibalise each other. Sausage Party actually praises it.

I know you think I’ve told you the worst but trust me when I say, the ending of Sausage Party is one of the most offensive and disgusting things I’ve ever had to witness, I’ve seen Pornography that is in better taste than Sausage Party’s finale.

What’s most mind boggling about Sausage Party is the cast names. So we will ignore names like Michael Cera, Craig Robinson, and Danny McBride as they all seem to only get work via Seth Rogan now. But people like Bill Hader or David Krumholtz or Nick Kroll could still have careers in life, stars like Jonah Hill, Paul Rudd and Kirsten Wiig’s names are still on the rise and I truly don’t know how Seth got Edward Norton but he is a far shade from the man in Fight Club. Disgraceful.

Sausage Party is movie with its winner in its mouth and its pride on the floor, a confusing mess of a film that is neither funny nor entertaining, just totally immature. The only reason I would tell people to watch Sausage Party is to put people off dropping acid.


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