Star Trek: The Next Generation – Honest Trailer


Star Trek: The Next Generation is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2017 so Screen Junkies have released this hilarious Honest Trailer. As a Star Trek fan I could never pick between Kirk and Picard! This video highlights all the fun parts of a Star Trek TV show that I miss. I love the fact that in the trailer it refers to Star Trek: The Next Generation as Star Trek: The Original Series  “geeky younger brother” and every Start Trek fan would agree that The Borg are the best Star Trek villains of all time!

Jean-Luc Picard the most British Frenchman in the galaxy!” it’s funny because it’s true – other highlights in this trailer are the references to the Kardashians I mean the Cardassians and “Doctor Crusher and the Space Ghost” and the classic William Riker awkwardly sitting down on a chair which is referred to as “The Riker Maneuver”.

Now I’m going to watch some episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and count how many concerts there are!



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