Starship Troopers is getting a Reboot


Yes the bugs are back! It is being reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Columbia Pictures is rebooting Starship Troopers, the 1997 science fiction film directed by Paul Verhoeven. FYI we love Starship Troopers and Paul Verhoeven!

The studio has signed up Mark Swift and Damian Shannon, the writing duo behind the upcoming Baywatch movie to write the script. The film reboot will hopefully launch a new franchise!

Starship Troopers is based on the sci-fi war novel by Robert A. Heinlein that told the military life of a soldier named Johnny Rico, who moves up the ranks as mankind fights a war against alien bugs.

It looks like the studio is not remaking the film but is said they will be going back to the original Heinlein novel for an all-new take.

Here’s hoping for a Casper Van Dien or Neil Patrick Harris cameo!

Here is the trailer for the 1997 Movie.

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