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I feel truly bad for DC and Warner Brothers, every time they release a new trailer, Marvel beat them to the punch, and every time they release a film it’s always slated. This is mainly because they are still trying to play catch up to The Avengers. But could this all just be our own ignorance? Could it actually be that DC are just misunderstood genius? Surely Suicide Squad is the perfect opportunity to strike out on their own and make their own mark on the comicverse? If only.

Suicide Squad Review

Suicide Squad is at best a disappointing mess of a film and at worst a garbled, foolish, knock off B-movie with an overgrown budget and childish humour. The problem Suicide Squad has is that it has come out during this period of time, if it had come out 10 years ago it would have been revolutionary, even if it had come out 2 years ago it would have been unique and different, but it hasn’t. Suicide Squad has arrived quite literally at the worst time possible for it. A time where we still hold Guardians Of The Galaxy as the high watermark for the “c anti-heroes thrown together” template, and also its strong use of invocative and timed music. We are also in the same year as Deadpool the last really “Cool” superhero movie, and one that grained a 15 rating but was still a success. Meanwhile we still have the imprint of the misjudged Batman Vs Superman in our heads, and this is the same month that The Killing joke was been released. Put all of this together and blend it with a twist of poor editing choices and one punchline too few in every scene , and you have a film that could never had succeeded.

Suicide Squad is a film that was always destined for failure, much like Batman Vs Superman it just had too much riding on it. While Marvel are the big boys in the box office, DC still own the shelves in the stores, and that brings expectations, people (including myself) were chomping at the bit to hate Jared Leto’s Joker from the very second we saw that he had tattoos, the knives were being sharpened. In truth I kind of feel bad for Jared Leto and Suicide Squad, like I would have found a place to slip the blade in no matter what film they brought out, but instead they chose to fully impale themselves and save me the bother of looking.

Suicide Squad Review

There is so much to dislike, hate and be unhappy with in Suicide Squad, that I want to look for some positives just to even it all out, so let me say this, apart from The Joker, not everything was in the trailer, Suicide Squad did have some surprises up it sleeves, and I thought that apart from being reminded in literally every scene that he loves his daughter Deadshot was near perfect. OK that’s all the good I can think of, let’s move on.

I understand tweaking minor character defects or issues that didn’t translate to cinema, but to totally change the basis and thesis of a major relationship is unforgivable, I am of course talking about the main events The Joker and Harley Quinn, if you ask anyone about the nature of their relationship the word “abusive” is never far from their lips, but in Suicide Squad, they don’t even have the implication of that anywhere in the movie. The joker and Harley have a PG relationship in a 15 rated film and it single handily almost destroys the entire film.

Suicide Squad Review

This is supposed to be DC’s bad boy, the big one, but instead everything feels flat and one dimensional, nothing in the movie has any weight or feels like it could affect anything in the wider world.

The entire movie has this feeling that it’s nailed to a railroad track and won’t budge from it, in fact that’s just what it’s like. It starts with an early thrill teasing for what could be more later, it throws us one way then the other, and then it builds and builds and builds to a dramatic finale. However, all the time we know we are safe, and even the biggest thrills we have seen before, Suicide Squad thinks it’s Disneyland when really it’s the village fair.

Suicide Squad Review

Ultimately Suicide Squad thinks that it can cut class because it’s so hip, when really it needs to go back to school and learn the basics, ironically a film that just can’t commit.

P.S. Some thoughts on the additional 13 minutes added to the Director’s cut, while they do add to the overall story and depth of characters, it’s really only Harley Quinn that benefits, meaning that even is more click bate for fans.

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