‘The Girl On The Train’ Review


Before I Become Gone Girl

“The Girl On The Train” demands our curiosity with the tagline “what did she see?”, well someone better tear my ticket, because I’m about to find my seat aboard the passenger carriage, that is the line on which “The Girl On The Train” runs. Ok that was a lot of train puns all in one sentence, I won’t do anymore, promise. As long as everyone’s on board…

The film is based on the novel that “Rocked the world” apparently, but after watching the movie I’m not too sure what part of the book “rocked” everyone so much, as there is nothing within in the movie (or I presume the novel) that is stronger than a darker episode of Midsummer Murders.

Perhaps I’m being too harsh on “The Girl On The Train” but what I’m trying to get across is that there is nothing new in the movie, it has a single (somewhat) unique Idea and the entire plot pivots around it. That’s not true, I do think that how the story is told and unfolds is somewhat clever, it’s not unique but it is clever.

For our story we are given 3 main characters. Rachel, who is the aforementioned girl on the train, every day she takes the train to New York and on her journey, sees Megan. Megan has never met Rachel and so Rachel takes the brief moment she sees her for and makes up her own narrative. Megan also lives 2 doors down from Anna, whom is a stay at home mother and married to Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband. She also employees Megan as a nanny for her new-born. This is how the film opens.

My problem with “The Girl On The Train” is that it’s just a little bit too proud of it’s labyrinth like plot, with predictable twists and turns but only a few surprises, it all comes out as average in the end.

“The Girl On The Train” is a poor man’s “Before I go To Sleep” and that in itself is a Poor man’s “Gone Girl”. That’s the harsh truth of it is that despite everyone’s best efforts the film still comes out as mediocre.

I don’t believe it’s anyone’s fault. The directing is acceptable and the performances (particularly from Emily Blunt and Hayley Bennett) are good, it’s just a victim of circumstance, where the whole doesn’t equal the sum of its parts. If you want a labyrinth like thriller that keeps you guessing to the end try Prisoners instead, if you want a gripping Emily Blunt performance try “The Edge Of Tomorrow”.

I wanted to love “The Girl On The Train”, I wanted to rate it highly, and it is a great disappointment that I have to conclude that while perfectly acceptable, part of me would rather have the replacement bus service instead.

“The Girl On The Train” is the sort of movie that would have been gripping if other films weren’t available, the genre of thriller has many great additions yearly, sadly this isn’t one of them. Last call, everyone off.

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Replacement Bus Services Out Of 103

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