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Greeting citizen, for more than 50 years two entities have been defining childhoods across the world, one of them being a masked vigilante named Batman and the other are quite literally the building blocks of life in Lego, and after all this time finally these two behemoths share the same screen, but the real question is will this be more of a Marvellous work?

Much like yourselves, when I first heard about a Lego Movie I scoffed, I thought the world had gone totally mad. It’s a film that doesn’t have product placement, but where the product IS the placement. I thought it lunacy. Then it came out, was incredible and I had to eat my words. So when Warner Brothers announced that they were making a stand alone Batman movie, I was excited beyond words.

It’s obvious that this is a project of passion and love for everyone involved in it. This is proven with Billy Dee Williams who after more than 20 years of waiting finally has became Two-Face, and while he is a featured in the movie, he probably only has 8 lines in the entire 2 hours run time. What fills up the bulk of the film is was a glorious surprise that caught me totally off guard and added to the experience, it is a development that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.

I don’t want to spoil the surprise so I’ll leave it be, however I defy anyone to go watch the film and not leave happy. The Lego Batman Movie repeats what made The Lego Movie so successful, it encourages out our inner child, it speaks to the part of us all which still craves to have fun and be imaginative, and that is why it’s awesome!

The entire movie stands up and sings with pure joy, from start to finish The Lego Batman Movie is proud of what it is, and most importantly it isn’t afraid to poke fun at it’s own lineage, when we are first introduced to The Joker, the pilot whom he takes hostage is adamant Batman will stop him, citing “that time with the two boats” as proof. It’s beautiful I tell you.

Each of the cast members brings just the right level of passion and sly wit to their roles that means that each compliment the other. It even made me have hope for Zach Galifianakis, still not high hope, but some is far better than none. I feel it is important to say that I lost my mind when they had The Dark Knight Rises, Bane featured in the picture.

What probably is most impressive about Lego Batman is that is never loses sight of it’s message or deeper meanings of friendship and responsibility, much like The Lego Movie it’s a simple moral but an important one.I could make reasons for why you should see Lego Batman, but the bottom line is this : The Lego Batman Movie is a film that is even better than it’s predecessor, weather that is Batman Vs Superman or The Lego Movie, in short it’s perfect.  


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