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There used to be an old proverb which read “as sure as the setting sun, there will always be two Marvel films a year” or something like that…. point is we are getting in deep now guys, we have had 3 Ironmen, 3 Captain America’s, and now we have a third Thor film. The good thing about basing your franchise off a comics is you have an unlimited supply of storylines. This time Disney/Marvel have opted for Ragnarok, but the reel question is will Ragnarok be the end of the world?

It’s a strange idea that rings all the way through Thor: Ragnarok. The 80’s, it seems like the entire style and tempo of the film runs alongside the classic sci-fi action movies of days gone by. This works in an odd tandem with the films natural camp tone. However, Ragnarok tries to be something more than just another film for the cannon fodder of Marvel.

Thor: Ragnarok actually tries to expand the character, this film tries to give us something deeper to chew on and consider after the credits have finished. Ragnarok attempts to bring Thor back down to a mortal level, it tries to remind him why he is a hero and not a God. This is done in a terrific fashion, with several points to his fall from grace. That’s the problem with Thor as a character, he is a God and super OP with his unstoppable hammer of doom, so how do you raise the peril? It’s simple, destroy the hammer.

The villain for the feature is Hela who is The Goddess of Death, Catherine Blanchett plays the role with a sophisticated level of madness and blasé attitude which only makes her more of a threatening force. She slaughters by the thousands without hesitating and she has a legitimate case to make for her logic.

This is all the kind of depth you don’t expect from one of the spin-offs. In the past, the sequel spin-off movies have been lackluster, but in truth with the addition of new directors and a bolder overall attitude, Thor: Ragnarok is one of the best Marvel films ever. There I said it.

While there is a lot of depth and weight to the film there is a lot of magnificently timed humor too, everything that Korg says is pure gold. The film balances perfectly the seriousness and respect for characters and the utter stupidity and fun of it all.

From top to bottom the cast list reads like a dream of who you want in your space movie, there are even a few cameo’s to get excited for the small section with Doctor Strange really goes a long way to bring that character up to speed with the other Avengers.

There isn’t a moment of wasted action or screen time, Ragnarok feels focused, motivated which all contribute to it being one of the best Marvel films ever. There I said it again.

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