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Tiger Girl is an edgy, punky, modern-day Berlin-set fable about a downtrodden, young woman, Maggie (played by Marua Dragus), nicknamed Vanilla because of her personality. Vanilla, who has just failed her entrance exam into the police academy and is unsure of what she wants. Tiger (Ella Rumpf last seen in the excellent cannibal-horror film Raw) is more of a fierce, streetwise rebel who does things her way to get what she wants, regardless of rules. Vanilla is more conscious of what others think, Tiger does things only for herself and her two friends who she shares a squat with.

Maria Dragus (Vanilla) & Ella Rumpf (Tiger Girl).

The first time we see Vanilla and Tiger meet is In a car park where Vanilla, being a pushover, loses her parking space to a bigger car that takes up two spaces. It is at this point when Tiger first appears and resolves the problem by kicking off the greedy car’s over-lapping side-mirror to help make enough space for Vanilla. From this point onwards Tiger takes Vanilla under her wing and the pair become an unstoppable force as their pranks, stealing and fight-club-like behaviour spirals out of control.

If looks could kill. Vanilla (Maria Dragus) and Tiger Girl (Ella Rumpf).

Vanilla, now referred to as Vanilla the Killer, also has a day job as a trainee security guard. Her friendship with Tiger, crosses over with her work-life as Tiger joins Vanilla on her shifts as the two start taking advantage of their uniforms by stopping and searching those passing by and even stealing their money.

Vanilla and Tiger on the loose to steal from their prey.

Meanwhile Tiger’s two friends that she squats with, have problems of their own as they have fallen into debt with the local drug dealer. As Tiger tries to help, Vanilla’s behaviour goes on a downward-spiral causing Tiger to have to be the one to end their destructive friendship.

Tiger Girl is a fresh take on Bad influence storyline. The two main actresses bedazzle the screen. Humpf as Tiger, the no-nonsense, risk-taking who still has a limit as to how far she will go. Dragus’s Vanilla, adds to the film by first being introduced as innocent and then transforms into a rebel with no limits.

Director Jakob Lass excels at capturing violence in a playful and unexpectedly comedic manner. The script was mainly improvised which adds to the characters chemistry. The backdrop of Berlin also contributes to this sharp story along with the electro/punk soundtrack which keeps the energy of the film consistent from start to finish.

Actress Maria Dragus who plays Tiger and director Jakob Lass at the London Film Festival.

With actress Maria Dragus

With director Jakob Lass


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